Our Vision

O R M O U S  is a daily reminder for you to take a moment to look up, to see the bigger picture and perhaps view things differently, which can put the daily challenges into their proper context, giving you a better chance to fulfil your potential.

The Process

To melt the meteorite into the case, we had to heat it to extreme temperatures (1800°C) - even hotter than the heat experienced when breaking through Earths atmosphere.

Once both the meteorite & stainless steel have reached melting point, we mix the two materials together. The cosmic mixture is then poured into our custom moulds and left to cool.

About us

Founded in 2015 the idea for ORMOUS was simple, but the journey was not. Everything from sourcing a genuine meteorite to finalising designs, was a up hill struggle, but the result speaks for itself.

Based in London, England, the team behind ORMOUS hopes to spark imaginations, and encourage people to take the time to look up, and view the bigger picture.